Get Plumbing deliver a professional, same day, domestic & commercial maintenance services to the Lower North Shore and CBD, 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Our main office is based in the heart of Chatswood, Sydney.

We have carefully selected each of our plumbers, based on their skillset and character, to build a proficient service team of specialists with equally great customer service skills.

We equip our servicemen and women with the latest technology and best quality fixtures and fittings on the market so they can carry out their work to the highest of standards. Because we have a highly skilled and well equipped team we rarely have to outsource to other specialist contractors which allows us to keep our service prices affordable without compromising the high level of workmanship we provide.

So whether you have a plumbing, hot water, gas or drainage issue Get Plumbing will provide you with the best service available in your area.  We offer all our customers with a two hour appointment window so your days disruption is kept to a minimum.  We also provide an added extra of same day service and loyalty discounts to all our customers helping to keep the cost to their lifestyles or business as affordable as possible.


We have a clear and concise procedures in place throughout all of our business systems and processes to ensure that all workflow procedures, OHS policies and Australian standards are adhered to throughout the company.

It is compulsory for all our staff to complete our full training program, where they will receive a hard copy of literature which contains any workflow diagrams, images and all the business procedures content.  This helps to ensure safe and efficient work flows are following by in accordance to their individual roles and responsibilities within the company.  All procedures are closely monitored and updated in respect to any changes to NSW plumbing standards.


To ensure we maintain the standard of workmanship and level of customer service that is expected from both our customers and management, all our employees undergo various screening processes as well as ongoing toolbox talks and thorough OHS training.


All of our vehicles are well maintained and are clearly sign-written so that they are instantly recognizable to all our customers, building managers and security staff.

All our vehicles are fitted with the latest tracking systems.  This GPS system which is personal to each vehicle will allow us to monitor current and historical vehicle travel times, routes and specific locations.  With this type of software, it allows us to efficiently manage our vehicles in real-time, helping to provide our customers with the best service made available to them.  It allows our office staff to assign emergency requests to the nearest located serviceman, and give clear estimates of travel times between jobs.

All vehicles are also stocked with all the latest  fittings, fixtures and apparatus required for all standard maintenance jobs, as well as any emergency drainage work that may require specialist equipment.


We use a highly comprehensive task management system which works along side our vehicle tracking software enabling us to seamlessly assign, monitor and schedule all our tasks in real-time. Every member of our team can instantly communicate, share and enter all forms of task data through their own interface allowing them to complete the following:

Generate work orders, quotes and invoices
Enter labour, materials, work descriptions and task notes
complete OHS forms, upload photos and receive valuable project documentation
View task or client history
Create automated periodical maintenance programs


Get Plumbing is committed to the ongoing implementation of the policy and its safety plan, and will monitor, audit and review the effectiveness of these policies and the management plan on a regular basis in accordance to the Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) Act 2004 and its supporting codes of practice

We maintain a safe and healthy environment for all our office staff & servicemen and women by:

  • CM3 Accredited ***
  • Monitoring our health and safety procedure are constantly adhered to
  • Train our staff in the importance of personal protective equipment (PPE) and OH&S
  • Invest finance and resources in regards to OH&S
  • Have a clear procedure outlined to reporting OH&S accidents
  • Providing all members of staff with well-maintained and safe equipment
  • Advise staff on the Australian Standards for avoiding and recording work hazards
  • Tet and tag all electrical equipment
  • Have available PPE to all staff and contractors
  • Management show excellent health and safety leadership
  • Investigate all hazards and incidents
  • Annual review of the effectiveness of the OH&S plan
  • Using software that prompts all our servicemen and women to complete OH&S forms and checklists which adhere to the OH&S policies

***CM3 is one of Australia’s leading specialists in OH&S risk management.  Their clientele include Coles, Westfield, Suncorp, Australian Red Cross, United Care, AGL and Stockland

To maintain our CM3 accreditation we invest finances and resources in an annual pre-qualification assessment of our health and safety management capabilities.  Without this accreditation we are unable to tender for our commercial clients.


Get Plumbing is a responsible and trustworthy business.  We believe in providing a first class service to all our customers.  Everyone within our company understand that customer satisfaction is paramount in our business and we coach all our employees in best practices throughout all their work processes.

All our servicemen and women are trained in OHS and Care of Duty.  All our employees have been carefully selected because of their level of skills shown in specialist fields.


We very much believe that ‘you get what you pay for’ and always recommend that our clients installed quality fixtures and fittings.  We supply fixtures with comprehensive manufacturers warranties and always use quality tools and fittings to ensure the highest quality of workmanship.


We take pride in our after sales service and value all our customers. If any issues were incurred  as a result of our work or products/fittings we have supplied, then we will do everything within our power to ensure it is rectified immediately.